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The biggest breakthrough in digital audio technology, AfterMaster delivers unparalleled clarity, depth, fullness and volume throughout the entire frequency range without compromise. Experience the biggest sound you've ever heard without added distortion or loss of dynamic range. Hear the AfterMaster difference.

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The AfterMaster Difference

Ok, let’s break it down. Audio enhancement technologies have been available for decades, but they have focused mainly on using wideners, expanders and volume boosters. While the sound from these processes may seem enhanced, something in the recording playback always gets lost in order to create an effect. Indeed, other digital audio processes compromise the integrity of the audio. As a result, the important elements in a recording can get lost. This yields a recording that is either distorted or overly bright, or it creates a muddy playback and a loss of feeling, emotion and quality.

Emotion lives within sound, but it’s not often heard loud and clear. AfterMaster not only captures that emotion; it also dramatically heightens its impact. The feeling of every tone, texture, and color comes to life at full blast.

Our proprietary state-of-the-art Adaptive Intuitive Response ™ mechanisms and algorithms preserve the original intention of the audio, and then take it to a whole new level infusing clarity, depth, fullness and amplitude. Every sonic detail emanates with both warmth and fidelity and a power never before heard. It’s not just hearing audio in a new manner. It’s hearing audio like you were always meant to.

Mastering Made Easy

We’re leveling the playing field for all independent artists. Your passion is your music, and our passion is taking your music to the next level.

ProMaster will change the musical landscape for recording artists worldwide, by making professional quality mastering affordable and readily accessible with the click of a mouse. Our ProMaster technology is specifically designed for producers and musicians who may not have the budget or access to traditional and often expensive studio mastering.

Submit your track online and ProMaster will deliver radio-ready studio-quality sound right to your inbox—it’s that easy. Whether you’re uploading to Soundcloud, iTunes, or any other digital service, your music deserves to be heard as it was meant to. ProMaster will make sure it stands out.

Small Chip, Serious Power

Dedication and passion led the AfterMaster team on a six-year quest to develop technology that would allow consumers everywhere access to uncompromised sound across all audio-enabled products. Our team of engineers worked tirelessly to develop a complex, proprietary algorithm that redefines sound as we know it and took this groundbreaking development to digital sound processing pioneers, ON Semiconductor, who deployed the AfterMaster technology in their signature BelaSigna 300 chip. A small chip with serious sound capabilities, the BelaSigna 300 AM is easy to install by manufacturers and immediately transforms the sound in any audio-enable device. With its miniature size, WLCSP packaging, and low power usage, even small electronics such as headphones, your smartphone and even something as compact as a hearing-aid can easily implement AfterMaster HD processing technology and eliminate the need for large or expensive hardware redesigns.

Real-Time Revolution

Welcome to the audio revolution. After thousands of hours developing, listening, and testing, AfterMaster delivers a breakthrough in digital audio processing that’s here to change the industry forever. AfterMaster HD Audio, a subsidiary of Studio One Media Inc. (OTCQB:SOMD), is an award-winning, industry-leading audio technology company based in Hollywood, California. Our team is comprised of the industry’s finest, including Grammy-award winning producers and world-class audio engineers. When it comes down to it, no one knows pure sound better than our guys.

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